90% –of the present generation lives by money culture , make up wardrobes , cars.. use n throw attitude.. just make a use n getaway….kwick cash , clicks , , glitz n glamour… go n get just anything available….any class upper or middle all are on the same runway of success ..become rich kwicker n rush ahead !
Institutions , business houses , industries, all function n serve their purpose to social structure..on one side ..however fast money through ‘stocks” is current populations – apple of the eyes….
Imagine the size n volume of money produced on one side of earning humanity ..imagine the ocean of humanity lives in poverty …
…human production constantly alarming..billions of human heads living on planet earth ..
….hardly any %tage must be following social norms throughout their lives soberly.. fractured ..punctured..abnormal human existence a culture – common syndrome in social structure !
…hardly any%tage must be thoroughly n genuinely qualified ..the rest of the humanity is usually illeterate….hair thin human heads must be working in scientific researches ..n space study..

less %tage in the ocean of humanity doctors , engineers , architects , lawyers ,sportsman, writers ..artist ..
..human arrival n departure is constant..

{why humanity is on earth ? ..come n go..continue  human circus.. for constantly balancing the social structure…passing through mazes of money n relations gimmicks..eventually exit the world —————–all emotions unanswered      ….!}

..who knows who is managing entire human species  on earth !

..although the above social structure will be only ruled by wealth power mainly…not just 90% ..100%

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