Be alert always..
it can be not just nuclear bombs or terrorism….

it remains at every personal level n close quarter….

through slip of words….casual dollop of affection….or a smile that is dragging your life to unaware mangroves …!

….. when ” Trust” is transformed to deceit usually one understands one is cheated .. n finished …
…so be alert in words n action wise….
….. betrayals usually come in packages of love, affection … can convert to cruelty if we dont detect minds with true intentions and persist with unseen mountain of trouble   ! 

“Ignorance- and casual unchecking n not cross-checking attitude – is the first cause that drives n drags one to uncertain path…be alert is first safety – reaction is a waste of time n damage to health n wealth both – alert is a miracle stick if one handles every situation be it in relations or business or any field of life -to avoid infinite troubles later “! 

Be away is the cool way out ….human social circus comprises of naive – cruel ..weak n powerful animals …be in your kind of company …..always alert !

who is the most alert in human circus – the pilot space pilot …he knows where he is marching ahead in life …from earth to higher orbits …but human population usually unaware where they are marching ahead in life …usually nowhere …on the social stage only !

1. alert humans dont stand at one place permanently ….

2.alert humans dont embrace n live with existing situations only …

3.alert animals or humans first shift drift and change themselves from cutting away from situations quickly.

4. they detect and diffuse situations from damaging further ….

5. an alert mind has ability to proceed n make path for himself.

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