astrid-frh-white-teacup-and-a-tea-bagAromatherapy……..the freshly prepared tea aroma , coffee ..fried chips ..the food aroma…..

Aroma of mud mingling with first rains …karen-kasmauski-two-children-walk-along-a-wooden-walkway-in-the-rain

Flowers ..the variety of fragrances it can freshen n stimulate senses….michele-molinari-jasmine-flowers-in-bloom-madagascar

the woods n brooks aroma if only u r blessed with the sense of smelling that…



fresh-paint-with-hand@ synthetic level .. wat a fresh feel  …stimulus  … a freshly painted house does  to brain activity.. !



 just feel the fragrances  natural or unnatural it does stimulates the senses …u can treat yourself n let mind travel till higher orbit of universe ….! millions of other fragrances that stimulate mind n senses ..

If we feel n let mind explore to infinite levels..a sure aromatherapy one can indulge n rejuvenate mind body n soul ……….

wat a divine treat if enjoyed with meditation !

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