Assets n liabilities..

Life is all about hankering , sucking , extorting assets… for own usually at the cost of naive who remain allied … just any relation personal or business.. casual or important…small or big or at higher level………….assets n liabilities..reign the air… any levels of social circus..domestic, official , political, international levels….

@ the domestic front..someone is working  for all nitty gritties of home management .. financial , managerial , emotional ……someone from same family unit eats the ready platter…some indulge in deliberate harassing attitude even if naive ‘s work for every ones platter ! …share of assets n liabilities..for  platter of wealth is the last episode…of family circus…

..Indian family n tv serials are all about this….

..birds assemble food grains..share n care , build nests ..humanity builds relations..on the basis of family unit ..all relations are somewhere….  somewhat….shattered ..scattered..for  ” grains ”  of money n wealth ……….. to build their own nests..

…lawfully wedded entry of daughter in law specially or son in law is a’ likely-liabilty” in the  background of minds – of  the members of family.. pot of wealth n twenty years from now is the usual mental set up of daughter in law …money making time for lawyers n doctors usually the health n wealth structure is at stake ! …

again the same saga is continued by next generation !

..assets n liabilities will reign human social circus…it is never ending…n so the scripts of good n bad , nice n wise , cheats n fools , love n hate..will be constant………………..

when love is tied to marriage ..liability is slapped on partner who is naive n innocent n giving.. not to forget financial , social n later family responsibilities grow up in huge combats .. for asset is the first attempt anyone catches n start surviving ..usually throwing unsaid liability on naive..fools.. at times element of relation disappears n -” hang around ” format surfaces… leaving marriage as an empty envelope….!….bags n baggage  of financial n emotional liabilities.. if children sprouted out of mere emotional journey….usually bittering the platter of relations that reaches nowhere …only exist and adding to unplanned social structure in coming decades .

….similar attitudes reflect in other relations as well..not to forget the work front !

assets n liability attitudes is  like two sides of the same coin they remain together ………………..

Some  sober-cheats take away the assets …naive n fools stand n analyze what asset makers did to us…..!

….biological relations are unspoken liabilities for parents -whose children join the asset adventure , forgetting their origin n reason of their existence…

rich background is the main considered asset in matrimonial catch …for one who catches the right partner..marriage partnership all about assets n liabilities these days…start n end with that…children are whose assets n liabilities  ?..grow up with personality disorder , usually -unaware which way to go in life ..n so the unapproved social behavior n indulgence is their behaviour pattern .

liabilities never keep quiet  n so the combats..n legal battles – earning times for lawyers n courts all happen because of  someones asset is looted or laundered or .the never ending game of fools n cheats make a money-making time for legal fraternity…ahead of doctors fraternity ?

…liabilities never remain silent .. those who know- fight for  assets !

..the great asset builders -politicians indulge in usual gimmicks of letting poor dwell in poverty ..poverty in  return gives birth to terrorism finally!…unending saga of assets n liabilities @national n international levels…..!

….the love hate , fight – harmony, uneven , jealousy, constant phenomenon of every relation…for all relations are blessed with assets n liability virus…. ..

………..n all function with infected  persona..wearing sober mask in social existence…

if one lives on his earned asset n clears his liability not only money wise also in the relation front life would be a sound landscape of assets n relations to be proud of …..

all assets n credit “self-earned”n no liabilities in backyard of life n all the way clear in life….!

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