bob-talbot-save-usLife is all about back-up !

….back up of relations n close knit associates in human memory…[these files usually have missing patterns despite the secured backup procedures..for uncertain viruses lead to uncertain issues in life ..}

back-up of momento’s ..good bad ugly .. legal documents…wealth back-up …to possess n backup for coming phase …that is yet to come….we all want to back up our files something that has already happened save ..savor ..relish n rely …after wards !.. any day , human behavior is compelled by back up syndrome preparing n saving for future – consuming – ‘present towards future n saving past usually” ! hardly relishes on present treats life offers…

..if the back up of  ” life ” was possible ..rebirths would be possible @ press of buttons…..
journey of life …seldom completely n wholly enjoyed despite heavy toils of back ups..

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