solitude-gazeHuman behavior , mindset can never forget negative emotions , they always remain in the layers of mind , provocation does ignite angry behaviour ………… cannot be erased ..they remain.

Like other positive emotions like they retain the memory n make one blush n rejoice, refreshed ………….

Everything is due to mind ..body ..behavior …mind marinated in positive pool of thoughts ..spurrs positive reactions in nervous system ……………………… does the negative thinking n unpleasant persons n situations…if mind is marinated in  …………….

Say   ………In meditation .. one is cut off completely ……………

It takes mind to higher orbits , away from everything around us ……………

Pleasant , unpleasant .. feelings rise n absorb in  the memory only when one let ‘s the mind receive ….

If we close our receptors ..use  only where genuinely recquired , use limitedly only like a sea shell  ..rarely !luminescent-irish-deep-seashell

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2 Responses to Behavior

  1. Onlooker says:

    Hey you write pretty well.. got here from some of the blogs..

    The problem with a human being is, when it comes to positive thinking, we let it out of our shell and let the whole world know and most of the times, when it comes to negative thinking / thoughts , we prefer to keep them under our small shell and in this process, one day the shell bursts, we vomit all our negative feelings on someone.. and in this process, we don’t realize that the negative feelings we have in our mind are valid or not.. we don’t know if the feelings we have are true or not

    But they become truth for us because we have them kept in mind for a long time and we make ourself believe that it is truth but in reality it might not be the truth.

    We always end up making our own world around that shell of negative thoughts…

    But we need to find a way to get out of it and make place for the positive thoughts and feelings which are trying to make a way for a long long time but they couldn’t come it cause we didn’t want it.. we wanted our shell to be filled with negative thoughts..

    Once let the positivity come in and see how it erases the negativity..

    I had gone through the same patch many times but I have realized it, most of the time, our negative thoughts create a different level of thinking within us.. we start hating the world.. we start hating the people around us.. we start thinking everyone around us is trying to kill us, harm us.. but in reality they are the ones who are trying to protect us..

    But its way too late when we realize it.. we have already made the crack.. and patching it doesn’t help much because you can’t make a broken glass look like a new afterall..

    Vomit out the negative thoughts as they come.. let positive thoughts take the cover.. and see the magic 🙂

    Enjoy the time in peace, enjoy the time with your loved ones where no one else can come in between.. the life is a joy ride, we just need to learn how do we enjoy there…


  2. Admin says:

    If one understands right thing @ the right time ..there would be no word like “problem’ in dictionary..usually self created ..self locked within the shell …but there are some phases in life , they rust n ruin you ..till u realize ..are done by usually the ones we rely our life on ! But format of relations is not changeable …even if it is takes a whole lot of time ..that never comes back!
    So negative emotions remain in the backyard of memory …like sweet memories one adores !

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