christopher-herwig-sign-on-barbed-wire-fence-of-radioactive-waste-dump-in-use-within-city-limitsBetrayals are ‘peelers’ that leaves  human-mind more freshly prepared with another layer called revenge usually starts with trust – that is transformed to deciet , leaving the sufferer more careful n aware of..

It ignites blood – burning activity in memory , that retains till one reaches the revenge level n does eventually…….fixing mind in that socket till it triggers desired revenge…….!

betrayals finally takes the victim to revenge level – but after revenge what happens to blood burning activity { the damage n harm to mind emotions memory is already done} but revenge  calms – mind and becomes like still waters -to omit betrayal from mind is an exception but to retain is continuos harming one does to mind body mood n soul !

to drift mind memory from – away  n out is a way to calm mind ….in other words cut n fold treatment …..from the entire situation !

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