Humanity a large- sized nature’s creativity …like trees ..animals …and infinite living things …

Every earthly living thing remains busy in accumulating resources for survival….

Human specie is greatly n dangerously busy on earth …in given activity…

Animals kill n survive …so does humanity… if only develops the understanding to live in happening moment ..for no human who came millions of years ago on this earth still lives …nor you n me will live forever …the given snatching  n accumulating nature of human from another human  is as parelell to animals !

Some miraculous invention should change human personality characteristic to live sensibly n enjoy planet earth ..

And see instead …the sun …the moon ..the stars …the sky ..the rains ..the flowers ….the waves the brooks….real treasures  of  such a miraculous  universal canvas…earth only among the other unknown wonders mankind has not seen yet !

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  1. Admin says:

    See the colour s earth provides …it has provided eyes to humanity n colour senses …you see the world with own eyes …why not live life with own sight mind n just everything ?
    If one does that .. never remains on dependency disease the creator of all earthly disasters …. forget dependency n the Earth is all yours …

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