To find a Great teacher – it is choice – also Luck to find perfect teacher ..

To find a friend…everyone should find friends…

To find a lover …let stars find….

To find wealth…it is said it comes to us.. luck finds and fixes in our accounts….

To find a road to wat one wants..everybody does merry go round… for unknown and unawareness blocks…primarily…

One should find n can always reach -instead of wasting time n words on  focusing on blocks n fear -n dont know – now wat attitude !

One should attempt to find way through mazes mainly emotional  usually never understood till ditched – that usually blocks mind and actions …in life !

Despite –blackmailers – butchers – even murderers !

To move out n escape to make life ahead is our action – that helps actually – standing n stagnating for one fine day miraculous move …is self -destruction !

The road is always there ..

Only you dont attempt so you never reached there and waiting to find still …!
one can find exact path where one wants to lead the ultimate path to aim- target and happiness …

To find wat one wants is a great task done to one’s mind wat it is looking for personality   to n behave right – first you should be right to bypass wrongs – if be with them – the right n good will be only postponed in mind find one day !

To keep up ambitionsattitude..mind ..body n soul...

And  a perfect  find  for everything has to be in right user-id…type the correct wanted user id or say perfect pages – to sketch  plan fund … Proper funds for real world procedures to reach @ great maps of unattempted dreams….The find happens ….becomes found …then !

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