Funds n alliances..

Like money is the miracle leaf of all possibilities , just everything happens by it in these fast forward n flexible times….

Money¬† –¬† say funds brings people together …
Money {funds}divides people as well..

Money makes the world go round n round …it maintains life from start to end …people change funds n alliances remain constant ….
It makes matrimonial alliances makes business alliance…it can buy everything these days ..
it cements needful holes of have nots in everyones life..

It is complete treatment to every ailmentfinancial or emotional -it has power to treat the cause !
In the journey called life one usually remains in wondering n pondering mind – it happened because of money or it is destiny ?
…to be precise it all happens by funds that brings people together – as long as one is financially charged – emotional chart is forgotten in calculations of financial chart usually …

“For we live n survive in era of funds n move ahead times .

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