Humour adds juice to bland living ..

joy-alldredge-full-figure-fancy-ivLike a day when there is no water at all the house ..instead of feeling bad if one fetches the water by searching the supply as we do in google …! [ ..follow as transferred morning schedule…! }n schedule further without troubling oneself  n others …with jokes that drizzle the mood n mind with juicy dews ..water or no water really it will not matter …i assure ..
similarly try with any mode of survival that is disturbed ..tyre puncture ..or traffic
jams ..humour at that juncture uplifts the mind  – from now what to do state of mind
that leads to confusion , then anger..
Humour is the delicious juice that does not let any unpleasant flavours …make its positions in the mind if one usually remains fresh n jovial …

humour.. sprays dews of  happiness…

..thereby adding life to years..stephanie-marrott-scatter-joy

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  1. Admin says:

    Humour is a lime- juice in usually ..hectic- n busy mode of living , where is the large-scale time to laugh or even cry ? ..
    ……….Humour at every possible oppurtunity, is a boost to health !

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