Is it …?

Is it valid to become Sita without ram ?however in these fast forward times…neither rams are found or sitas…are seen…!
Is valid to read Bhagvad gita in front from of permanent cheats n hard core criminals ?
Is it valid to be nice n wise in front of naked -cheats..?

Bhagvad gita answers..soothes ..relaxes mind through powerful thoughts n science of human behaviour …

but is it valid to brush entire humanity with same solutions …karmas ..actions … good n bad remain constant any day….! see the size of human multiplication !

The scarcity of resources and lacking support system- a large part of humanity -living in poverty n underpriveleged culture who do not support themselves- usually bracketed in anti-social segment -and helplessness lives they are born n die as……..

The money rules in any form any era the the main element of the definition rich n poor !

As long as money n resources will puppet humanity ..neither crimes or sins will end , nor truth will prevail……..

Is it valid to stick to what” bhagvad gita” preaches n says n row life”s boat ¬†as mere soul in ocean of souls all corrupt n godly on – same earthly landscape ??….despite the land where humanity survives n perish is globally contaminated with never ending constant network of corruption ?

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