journalism …newspaper


Journalism-  free to speak n write profession

a fundamental right of every citizen

it does impact on whom the ink n paper consumption happens – like daily report scandals sensations devastation natural calamities politics …cartoons-people of all ages have their reading refreshments everyday..

newspaper-journalism culture is centuries old- all over the world- ¬† tons of papers n inks go into printing newspaper later they must be going to scrap-dealers….

Front-page has its attraction n pickers…..

yellow journalism does its job of ruining n defaming characters

so much of writing goes in print that fills up texts of newspapers -{wonder all that is printed everybody who has newspaper in hand ever reads completely }

well wats happening in world is wat journalism all about… make it a press release… whether free press uses or misuses medium ..who regulates? the government body who regulates the government body …? the divisions n systems…

who is the final authority of all wat we read in newspapers not to forget on internet ?

criminals n commoners are no longer classified…all in one ..who cares….!

like everybody writes these days – through blogs mainly …

but neswpaper journalism remains distinct n permanent- since centuries ….mankind invented newspaper….

any answers who invented the first newspaper in this world …that became age-old culture and has its strong presence in times of swift communications ?

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