john-miller-the-palace-of-westminster-and-big-ben-across-the-river-thames-london-england-uk London .. a fabulous country ..beautiful landscapes .. regal aura  sophistication lures the tourists.tyler-burke-in-london

                martin-child-lamp-post-with-the-campanile-of-san-giorgio-maggiore-in-the-background-venice-veneto-italyWrought iron street furniture , lamposts adorned with beautiful lamps ,beautiful row houses ..romantic landscapes
Perfect – class infrastruture , railways connecting to every zones -to” n fro”
 , buses { red buses much fresh red”  then any other country can boast ..}jon-arnold-bank-of-england-london-england

Beautiful buildings standing tall reflecting ,                                      world-class rebecca-nash-london-calling sophistication, a perfect study for architectural perception .
Sober dignified.. English population ..Clad in hi fashion wardrobe …Upmarket-trendy stores ,hi-tech influence ..

Pleasant climate….romantic landscapes….beautiful row houses…pretty to dwell …then high rise building structures.

Lovers paradise?????????????nick-wood-houses-and-parliament-from-across-the-thames-london-england-united-kingdom

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