Meditation means what ?
take mind into zero activities mode….let mind travel away from all the worries , agonies, hurt, have -nots, all that disturbs the mind , storing negative emotions in memory is unhealthy for body n shelf life on planet earth..worldly entangles emotional-social -financial are  there n  will remain.. human circus is all about this….

But meditations surely calms mind body n soul…..take your mind away from every worldly connections …focus on calm..slowly with deep breathing’ in” n ‘out “- relax..tying to worries n agonies living in the moment that is already over… only a save of bad memory…delete ..let the pleasant feelings surface the aura of mind ..relax calmly focus on creativities of nature… the pleasant winds ..the beauty of the planet…bad memories are like currents let them go …let pleasant waves surface the mind further …emotions are like ocean waters…good n bad emotions are constant …neither bad can remain nor good be held !  human beings are only a variety of millions of other forms of life on planet ..perishable like fruits ..everything is perishable ..human shelf life is in decades so the longevity of emotional rally ..but when one exits this planet ..nothing comes tied except the body that has arrived in this world , then ——

why the worry cart of constant emotional sagas..?………….for that is human nature ..! 

emotional -social n financial issues will always saddle n handle humanity ..n so the agonies….

keeping mind in relaxed n positive mode helps ‘ breathe in ‘n “breathe out’ – in calm corner wherever one is..detoxes the mind from emotional impurities… purifies the mental canvas with fresh n clean surface……….meditation is a dew on the surface of mind that leaves mind , nervous system n soul sparkling to face the world more calmly….!

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