Mind..n memory

mind usually occupies space of past present future …in memory …

maximum gbs go in past that has ended,, the carry-forward present transactions  n future remain in minimum n –

so every mind is not genius ….

wealth n money occupies maximum memory of human brain then love hate n other relations..

fear a constant negative emotion in the background related to health n wealth n other likely or unlikely events that pictures the mind with something that has not happened !

jealousy, suspect , blame n accuse common human behavior pattern ..mind n spine have these buttons that are triggered from outside …

hide or escape a common practice mind adopts to switch over to hide or combat…

….intellect the ultimate fuel that pushes the life-cart from all situations ahead..

brain drive functions on intellect that carries forward every forthcoming transactions of life…….

well ..all intellect love hate jealousy entire behavior composition remains active as long as ‘saved in memory’ …if only we can change our life ‘s memory card….n save all positive n successful   transactions

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