Miracle mans/killer mans ..

The human beings on an average one humanbeing-who occupy earth for average of  5-7 decades –

if classify n divide them into dictators n slave categories the history they created in the respective times n classify in batches they lived on earth n left earth …
Is the variety of characteristics n types of human personas all positive n negative are natural positioning of planetary positions in their respective times….
Like hitler ...one hitler could rule so many masses – all fed up n decided world wars…to end the tyrrany…
Like’ mahatma gandhi’ one mans mind n refusal of centuries old reign n acceptance towards slavery – that somersaulted Indias history to freedom n democracy…
Like one osama bin laden can rule n ruin so many through terroristic coaching against the power n converting it to his power ?
Like one mans world wide actions towards spreading harmony n if one genuinely understands is ART OF LIVING – instead fighting n occupying lifetime in dictatorship tyranny/slavery n helplessness….
If only we understand we all are visitors on earth -neither dictators can rule nor slavery can persist -If it is cut off initially …but that never happens n slavery /tyranny creates worldwide famous stories among human batches all come n go in their respective times,,,all for resources ,,revenge,,,wealth n landscape of earth we all occupy n go…eventually n definitely …but these sagas of mankind are constant as varieties of human species come together n rule n ruin each other,,,love each other some create taj mahal wonder of the world…some leave historical identities …even when they leave earthly landscape !

The good n bad is constant n will remain so…..!

Perhaps creators choice of making mankind behave like these for centuries among each other…

The miracle mans n killer mans will continue to come n go on this earth…n  the history will continues records …until earth is wiped out by creators choice…..~

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