” money ” will forever reign human existence  for every transactions n moments  happening among us –

is    …….

“by” the money

“for” the money…

n”of ” the money …

an equator n cause of relations that brings two minds n lives together – perhaps creators script that becomes life story of one ..
as powerful as planet sun that gives life on rise… one survives by its rise n falls if  …

moulds aristocracy if one possesses by oceanic size – the kings n queens …

a beggar if not any…

loans …cars – only money buys…who wants love these days…

philosophicaly speaking -“are human relations an equations of wealth n money dramatics” ?

although money saddles every worldly transactions – human -hearts a mere puppetry by strings of money by creators hands …?

‘ money in any form or kind does not travel with the human body when dead..when one exits the world –

it remains with the heirs to carry forward their life s transactions….

if only one remains content and takes the juice of life …instead soaking throughout  in its dramatics……?

” as shakesphere said- the world is a stage…. n we are only the actors unknown by roles we play – usually starting from where n one never knows n where they end…”

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