moneyIn these slum dog millionaires times…everything is calculated with price -tag !…it existed in primitive era too – the wealth element !

… certain ‘needs” of life n comforts obtained n  calculated through money is fine ..but all reasons for happiness -money ..all reasons of sorrow – money- every damn thing ‘by”- the money ‘of ‘- the money ‘for”- the money……! where is the recquirement for pure emotions ? everything is monetarily calculated n adulterated..!

…love for money ..marriage for lives by the money – jealousy,  power, positions …………respected even when deceased , leaves  the pot of wealth n money for inheritants !
In reality there is no love or caring , sharing….shed the wardrobe of wealth n see how the world behaves….so money is in position of respect ..should be carved n placed in temples n holy places..the wealth ..n currencies !

highest income-tax payees , wealth n wardrobes ..all reasons for respect towards each other..{sentimental souls.. initially “fools” population – still there ?} will create more n more slum dog millionaires, more crime n unhealthy social structure !

…cheats fraternities will thicken n compose anti-social elements at all levels– starting with love , marriage, flat, cars..n the ‘jackpot” he or she owns !

..political fraternities function with these calculations  usually…

Temples of education n values attracts only wise n those who respect “values ” not -wealth !

slum dog millionaires will rule n take over  the coming times , as neither values will be practice nor togetherness a visible thing !

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