Money n values..

Money n values usually remain together like a ‘ pair of shoes’ is any day source of survival …

but “values” should remain intact ………..despite storms , cyclones or earthquakes or jumbles or puzzles life passes through… money cannot bring the dead alive …!

……and the survival circle is constant n never ending so money and negative attitudes towards money will be constant as millions of masses live by one norm of corruption all clad in class style n other dramatics…

……originality n truth – intellect n character …. all difficult values to maintain in corrupt social fabric….

but ….strong values to build ones self esteem that remains long lasting and not shaking and dissolving for monetary needs , as values n discipline makes the man worth even for himself is temporary …values become permanent –

one maintains and passes on the generation to follow the discipline -as it is the ultimate education then any texts n preaching of the world !

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