matthew-borkoski-globe_-view-of-south-americaSee the oceans it is natures wealth- 71% of the earth n -29% alloted to mankind n other living species..

        See the tempers of nature ..

 in niagara falls..volcanos..natural geysers..earthquakes.. at worlds highest peaks the natural behaviour of cosmic energygary-smith-daffodils-flowers-covered-in-snow_-norfolk_-uk See the variety of flowers n fruits nature has given to all the planet users for all  other varieties of living species..not only human beings !{ they trade them n bring money in between ..}

      See the natural seals in the growth ..that is usually unnoticed attempt to use them.. ‘ the stubborn coconut..the walnut..the beetle nut’..all nuts  so nicely sealed by nature ..just unwilling to break at once !   — natures composition..  natural designs ..they are created with stubborn characteristics…. 

…the rocks ..the mountains…stands firm in positions not bothered what happens around!

…creators choice to create like that …{the fur , colour , looks.. becomes  pride n prejudice issue for some good looking n not so good looking creatures..the variety of dogs specially }

erica-vess-jungle-jamboree-i            See the height  n body  n size nature has given them.. the tall coconut tree.. the pine tree…the banyan tree.. the mango tree.. the tall giraffe,  the heavy weight elephant….the little ant..not to forget varieties of snakes n millions of other forms of life ….on  planet earth….it  is their world too…all accomodated in their kind of habitats…all born n brought up on planet as per natures design n characteristics..persona..

          Human species is only one of its kind blessed with “superior brain power “-

 since primitive man till present super brain’s  that explores n updates world with new adventures  that shape into reality ..everyday..diana-ong-world-1

           ……..nature must be wondering ….is humanity my design ?..accomodated on planet earth…attempting to pace on other planets too……outsmarting nature? ??-forest-sunbeams

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