Nature’s Creativity

Miles and milesoceans and oceans..just anywhere,around us…see natural entities…every life on this planet sprouts by love…survive by love…later grow and flourish planet earth with its variety!

Only humanity adulterates with “Wealth Virus” actually forgetting to enjoy the planet and miraculous entity of nature.

The Sun …The moon …the Stars…

the little leaf that has just sprouted in the pot of your balcony sill..see the fresh colour and mood it is in.

Each and every life is natural creation…a fragrant rose smooched by dew drops..caressed by pleasant winds…

Wealth is only an ugly ink that robs our natural powers!

Lets fall in love with natural entity called nature!  

  Sounds bit philosophical but there is no money virus in fraternity of roses or jasmine or fog kissed mountains.

Lets fall in love with Nature…………….michele-molinari-jasmine-flowers-in-bloom-madagascar

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