No one cares actually…

News channels – that constantly through the freedom of  “press ‘n ‘speech’ – fundamentals , 24 hours update the world with what”s -happening where”.. n what” ..n when” ..only hair thin issues go in the public memory n retain for longer time ..the rest once tv is switched off , does not sustain anywhere in mind ..a kind of noise pollution at times usually ignored n unlistened ……rest of the other channels ..variety of entertainments ..all like custom made treats ..relish on what you like ..

At the awards ceremony… i assure one cares who wins n how ?n for what.. except some of the immediate associate is a winner .

At the wedding ceremonies ..there  is more joy happening among guests then attention they are invited to give for…

At the funerals  too once crowd of attendants is out they diversify to thier own commitments…

Neither miss worlds or any victimisation creates lasting sensations …that news channels sensationalise ! any day anytime is money making time for news channel owners n journos as well !

Social – circus  remains constant as man is a social animal .. so what if no one cares !

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