Artists ..

Artists…writers .. live in their imaginary world …..usually uninterested in socio-economic climate around …. One fine day i will reach there is their minds summary …reflected in their works ..The 12 colours that create many more on mixing …n millions of infinite shades ..colours that becomes paintings …….the colours..strokes …shapes… never ending romance of colours , brushes , canvas n artist…..!

Through words the writers create an ocean of emotions …all so very well written in their own context ….avalisa-rainbow-alpha The 26 alphabets ….create vast emotional experiences…..parellell to waves in the ocean waters …the currents it triggers cannot be described by few words …in human brain activity … !

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language of royals..
language of dictatorship…
language of poverty...
language of success..
language of betrayal..s –
language of slavery – usually changes into language of defense mechanism- revolutionary language that creates
language of progress..
language of management...
language of survival…
language of mischief…

language of cheating …sometimes sugar flavoured ..sometimes sugar coating with cynide stuffing …understood only on experience ..

language of defense mechanism ...language of manipulation in combination of language of cheating … just analyze all around who speak ..

language of love …the real love not found in mankind even after centuries  shahjahan built Taj mahal… fake words.. fake love …no solitaire in any relations truly !

wonder why mankind is blessed with vocal sacs ? only to speak infinite methods of speech …why humanity speaks …they cannot bring dead from grave after shouting ..why humans speak ..? Does everything happen wat they want after speaking ..?

Animals communicate n survive n manage life without word power …

Mango trees do not require words to give mango fruits to the trees …words  ..word power infinite emotions of  language …can mankind become like a Mango-tree…..?….

‘Actions speak louder then words…follow Mango trees…

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Humanity a large- sized nature’s creativity …like trees ..animals …and infinite living things …

Every earthly living thing remains busy in accumulating resources for survival….

Human specie is greatly n dangerously busy on earth …in given activity…

Animals kill n survive …so does humanity… if only develops the understanding to live in happening moment ..for no human who came millions of years ago on this earth still lives …nor you n me will live forever …the given snatching  n accumulating nature of human from another human  is as parelell to animals !

Some miraculous invention should change human personality characteristic to live sensibly n enjoy planet earth ..

And see instead …the sun …the moon ..the stars …the sky ..the rains ..the flowers ….the waves the brooks….real treasures  of  such a miraculous  universal canvas…earth only among the other unknown wonders mankind has not seen yet !

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Great minds discuss ideas ..

Average minds discuss events ..

Small minds discuss people …


Mind being a unpredictable computer if acts genius n great in the right situation n right time is called Genius…is genius mind all the time genius  a permanent genius – even they commit mistakes ! or recede to average n mediocre action  @ times  even forget genius streak n surrender to discussing people n situation !

Sometimes an elephant makes his way so easily …but sometimes an ant is held up for little- micro  reasons any situation …in such situation only ones mind is responsible or there is some

super-natural life s control boardroom more genius then human brain that  is regulating the given situation n system ?


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You and you are shaping creating n fixing – life in the given minutes hoursdays–  weeks monthsyears–  decades... in given script of life that is happening …your presence is participants proof in given situation n  place.. tie-up or deal…whether that is devil or deep sea or divine blessing actually are creating n making that happen … the given script only you are choosing n participating .. pleasant  or unpleasant one …your life is only a  story you choice made by own choice  ..and allowing the flow n following too ….and so it is happening !27122008166

and still living in the  map of slavery ? scripting the old or new …think ????  30/6/14

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present moment solitaires of life…live life completely…

Mind lives in past n one lives in those recordings only –

But believe n accept it is only present that is yours…n wat is happening is becoming life..

Present is a pen that is scripting life…whether you save over n finished moments or replay in mind again n again …only present is real pagemaker…

and remember entire human species on this earth…we all know our Birthdates ..but the day we depart from this world is not known to just any human….ever since earth came into universal existence….

 live life pleasantly in real world – mindful actions are required not cash or currencies….or concrete structures…

 One individuals needs are of money are only as a pinch of salt…sacks of salts who maintain …neither enjoy the platters …nor sacks of salt have shelf life !

The ocean has so much salt to offer human species …71% earth is waters…29% is earth humanity is one of its kind among millions of forms of life … …

the sprouting generation is born with brain to manage their salts butter n cream too …then mere assemble sacks of salts is foolish human universal personality …and to live in existing salt level and not change life is self scripted slavery … there is nothing like togetherness ..

with just anybody …you come alone… you die alone as well… to live with perfect salt level meaning with own common sense in spot moment is common sense ..wat has past got to do with it ..? or wat future one merely thinks can change later ?

 Money wealth etc..etc…are law of natures way of keeping human species mind n time soaked n occupied from human arrival to departure….

Neither hitlers nor mahatmas remained forever …

you n me are also tenants …we do not  know  the last date of life on this earth !

Genius minds live in spot-present moment…

To live in present in a wonderful…window of dreams… within your minds canvas…is living in present only…n breathing n enjoying the breezes the fragrances of flowers  is art of living life in present….The present that is there with us… just now ..its happening….!

One should never forget to livein present merely thinking n forgetting  present moments for money – instead live n create lovely present moment is true solitaire …

The gift you are not accepting n focusing mind in securing market-value assets ….only to leave behind…

One ‘s joy is one state of mind of present …

See the elephants the pleasure they derive from sprinkling waters…

See buds blossoming to a flower…the feeling it shades mind…

See the Sunrise that gives light to the world without charging n sunsets that pass on responsibility to moon n stars to handle earth

 see the beauty of nature ..

live in present ….

every open human eyes  should definitely enjoy…. the natural beauty of planet…

Is this is  mere philosophy ..? but dont you think ….one should enjoy life like an  ice cream before leaving the world  ???

instead assembling assets one never sees after leaving this planet !

which is better…?

To understand value of life see the departures of humanity in any crematorium….

one day… that date is never known by anybody in advance…you n me also will depart….

Human psychology can change ?

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Current -moment

Live in current moment – last moment also that deletes anything close to heart is never restored nor found anywhere in the globe – to live n let mind live in recordings of past- over n out…is a waste of precious time given by creator to enjoy mind body n soul……..
Memory cannot control entire emotional spine relays n negative emotions n flashbacks persist…leave it on law of nature…- it does better job of somersaulting crimes or sins eg Britishers leaving India….But dont put or soak mind body soul words actions mood anything in unexpected emotional circus – the moment @ present is gone …the forthcoming moment is our decision…choose the juice of current moment…never forget ….heart burn is a mere brain burner …….love your current moment …to make beautiful memory…….

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Two things..

There are only two things mankind can be divided as….
Naives n cheats…one knows n other one does not know..

Genius understands ..the fools never ever…

The rich n the poor..the money launderers or the ace pullers in their accounts

 n those whose accounts got only jingle bell  world got to listen – of the given action say forgery .

.e.g sanjay dutt – hansie cronea

The wealth makers n wealth destroyers…the farmer n the butcher…opp personas….

the later is royally clad in these times…

the teacher n a learner

one should always be on learning side as life is a journey of never ending learning lessons….

usually one should understand the two opposite things… two opposite things that remain in every existence-one takes pretty long time to even understand…..!

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As long as you deal…

All that is happening is because you are dealing n dwelling in that – link or d-link- deal or never deal – makes credit or debt of that situation is your s choice only…..

Dive in a valley or climb himalayas…..they are your steps that is deciding the deal….of going up or down ….

Positive dealing with self – ones own mind is the deciding factor you create-

 generating positve results with the given deal or getting negative outcome —your decision is the result of any given deal…

It starts with dialling phone calls n emails n smses  these days….where words become medium…but your will to dial deal or drag or dispose is your action only….so everything is as long as long as you deal …applies to any situation life travels…..

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Cost of living per person….


In These fast forward page 3 times …

JUST PLAY THE GAME OF CARDSFIX 3 acess in your hands….pulling from available jokers around ……you are instantly successful tycoon ….blessed with millions in bank accounts….the values and ideas…who wants… in these are page 3 times….

 wonder where mankind is headed ahead – to mars very soon with money laundering human existence……then the size of humanity will be very thin over there n not like the thickly populated earthly mongers…because those who will make it there…will never allow another batch of likeminded to land or survive there on mars..only they will eat away like they do on earth……..!

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