Destination PEACE

love 065Peace station is all everyone wants in inner layer of mind heart soul …
But it neither comes with Love one thinks is my whole n soul station of peace n desires…. Nor assets or money …

The Hunt for peace destination is on n on since mankind landed on planet earth ..The wonder fruit called peace fruit – the ultimate destination fruit that hasn’t come in any hands of human being ..! Still the constant race among mankind persists…
Some loot -some struggle …some are born with silver spoon – some never get right things on right time …some live entire lives in not understanding world around – some live like Cindrellas ..the struggle is persistent – No life a miracle – untouched by any unwanted sagas……Some build structures n leave …the structures on earthly map are proofs of life  they want to live –

One who builds never ever enjoys  ….without disturbance …That peace never comes in hands on time of any human being ..The infinite human sagas become story books ..history …The structure humanity builds – is never enjoyed by them …!

Structural creation of mankind is history always mankind studies …It creates Great wars for the so-called structures… History n archives all about Great Human Personalities n Actions they took for … !

BUT MY QUESTION TO EVERY BATCH OF HUMANITY THAT CAME N LEFT THE PLANET – HAS THE WONDER ” PEACE- FRUIT ” EVER COME IN ANY BODYS HANDS ? The wonder fruit is nothing but present – moment thats happening – you are breathing on planet earth …..

Choose intelligently your words actions n all thats happening around –  n enjoyPeace fris nothing but present … Take the juice of Wonder fruit called peace fruit brilliantly ..on time !

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