Planet earth is alloted by creator with abundant natural resources such as sun moon n stars n unlimited ocean waters.. lakes.. rivers…. and the earthen soil that creates life in support of other natural resources life on earth sprouts n survives…..
The man made resources usually come under infinite criss-crosses mankind remains usually entangled …..usually creates war n history for resources they possess …resources of wealth or source that can create wealth are focused more by others than one who is in possession……like britishers ruled India on its resources of wealth n manpower….ruined more then century by their terror….finally stole unlimited wealth from indian soil n made themselves more wealthy in their own land – one fine example a layman can talk is ” kohinoor ” – that was indian property then… resources are always stolen …used more by others then one who actually owns…..

See in indian family trees….. the one who grows the tree tall n makes it flourishing …never eats his fruits…till he realizes the tree no longer can bear the fruits….

Snatch n survive minds of present times all basically saddle n handle their lives through simple catch of ready money – whose share n hard toil it came from n it should go to whom really…is not the question for anybody – if one who deserved rightfully …claims – it becomes more dangerous n life threatening….

The wealth n property jewels used to get stolen …the food grains were also were rich mans treasure custody to ill treat poor… in olden times of Indian era…but these days …fast n quick money…either beg burrow steal loot is the norm all are rich…….!

The earth produces resources to support mankind ..the trader intermediates the masses n classifies into rich poor or middleclass -divides population into levels of incomes….but the nature of income is usually an abstract painting….who is rich by wat n n whose money is it anyway…? nobody can answer….

The families resources -wealth n pot of assets are daughter in laws or son in laws desired assets…..which scripts so many stories movies serials and money making time for lawyers fraternity to make from two fight over their money related issues usually  that becomes their earning by default….

one man who owns mango-orchard is focused by passerbys n neighbours know more when the mangoes are exactly arriving on trees then owner who manages n maintains his asset that stands tall n grows but usually enjoyed free of charge by many who focused on that mango orchard….

Resources are awlays focused by others then the one who possess..

The cream is quick disappearance..the butter milk takes time to disappear…

whose money is it …no one can distinctly classify …anywhere neither in family circus..or political administrations …wealth money n resources are permanent planets that  eclipse n usher illuminations…

Resources are usually stolen attacked looted ruined create wars n histories…..destroy others resources to fertilize own fields is centuries old mankind behavior…..see hitler…osama bin laden… read history it is full of wealth building n destroying lessons… wealth that was others before you took over ?  wealth becomes your wealth once taken over by victorious catch….

Resources or pricy catch by clever minds who make it usually defeating the one does not win or want war…

so the wealth that anyone who possess is never obtained or earned by himself is always others property …that is fixed n potted as own…that become their resources…to rule n ruin as well…

If mankind uses resources as “Oxygen-which is universally- globally same all over the earth where humanity survives….n simply make it universal like creators blanket as vast as Sky………..” -then no histories or imbalances human brain will be left to think n talk of ….for wealth n resources n women are mainstream creators entertainment package mankind will stage till creator will close-down earthly stage……

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