Desire to shift –

Shuffle see perceive life from top…take the aerial view of situation from far always not living in that situation….

only then your mind starts to shift….

if you know the right n wrong …choosing the right n leaving the wrong….

Shift” of mind  to drive towards desired destination – expected easy express highway….

Desire – the main brain trigger that takes you to your choices ..desired colorscharacters n most important right conduct that does lead you to desired conduct –

to shift towards positive path always  {sift the right n wrong…..}

 Only a shift of focus- concentration n action  changes n forwards life @ desired turn n path!

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  1. Admin says:

    Shift changes just everything …practice shift n shuffle therapy n see how the everything around simply changes in seconds ..
    you become the change you always want to see … shift n see just in forthcoming second n see all simply changing …
    20 sep 2014 …

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