someday- sometime….

someday sometime mode……

…… remains in mind usually longing for execution
– to happen at the right time …but then is every given situation in own hands ?
no it is saddled n tugged according to the people you are breathing life with …our every action n reaction …mood – mind is surrendered to someday sometime mode !
If we all are scientific in solving humanly hurdles usually limited to social radius…….
clever social science is the answer ?  …we all are connected by social norms …other peoples actions n applications n perfomance on our lives …usually with emotional starters …that becomes saga called life – the script is never in our hands nor the kind of characters n personas that may enter n leave a trail in life ….anyday anytime we all remain connected by default !
… the someday sometime mode is constant in mind to make life worth then what it is…

…..someday sometime is common human behavioral streak  like other shades human emotions ……

 that shades the emotional landscape of life !

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