Someone… somewhere…

Someone somewhere ..must be in love .. trying to woo someone..fall in love…someone  squaring up the joy..someone must be tying the fantasy world …someone somewhere must be in the rail of real world ..with all the bags n baggage of real life journey…someone must be naively involved ..with..someone must be pretending to be so….the journey of life speeds with success  with like minded boggies !
someone somewhere must be in hills of wealth n aristocracy…someone somewhere in the valleys of poverty usually….

someone somewhere lives in mood of sci fi …state ..usually to dwarf others..!
someone somewhere must be getting something ….someone somewhere must be dreaming to get that someday…..someone somewhere must be dancing n bouncing..someone someone somewhere must be weeping ..crying for have nots….

…someone somewhere must be smooching someone ..blah blah..

each n every human being desires to taste the juice of  joy..the celebration called life…..make a way..!

someone somewhere must be manipulating someone…

…someone somewhere must have made a “jackpot” making “joker” to someone…

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