“Nature”  is “a great artist” invisible form ..can be only felt n experienced -through seasonal changes..has  seasonal pallette to paint earthly canvas..since the planet earth exists in universe..!

…its own style of shading ..handling planet earth….

…seasons what a change for mankind to exist in worldly horizons..humanity lives enjoys planet earth …with its own style since primitive era till present hi-tech living…other earthly living beings must be having their own behavior pattern as per the climatic changes…..
Summer…april – may is summer in indian horizon….the warmth the earth emits….

the green mangoes waiting to turn yellowthe jamuns ..the black purple..sweet n sour fruit only arrives on jamun tree in summer once in a year treat … 

the behavior of sky …more clear n shimerring with sun light…pickles n sun dried eatables now a small scale industries pie catering to the indian homes…summer vacations ..holidaying time for indian families..usually…

the salmon sky ..romancing n bringing monsoon for  personality change or splash of change in earthly canvas…till late summer….till earth is smooched by first kiss of rains …in the month of june….

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