Travel refreshes mind ..mood ..body..memory..stirres ….fresh stimulus in mood as well as behavoiur.. ……..leaving refreshed for days to cheer n rejoice …..railroad-train-going-through-snow-country-photographic-print-c11858263

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  1. Admin says:

    Thoughts become actions..behaviour pattern …anger..jealousy ..various negative emotions remain in behaviour of mankind.. like positive emotions likes to blush … love ..happiness.. cheer joy ………human behaviour pattern comprises of these two shades like colour- black or white …the numerous shades mankind creates ,,,between these are hues ,,,,of positive “emotional’ pallette… one likes to create like a beautiful painting ..but the pallette also creates colours that are not intended to create…! so no human being remains with just one hue of positive emotions…. only..positive n negative emotions r part n parcel of every mans life !

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