wealth is an unseen “orbithumanity revolves for ..universal human characteristic !

wealth can build palaces…but never merges with poverty without mean intentions ¬†..so two antipoles ¬†forever landmarked in human network ….

intellect , talent , knowledge – attitudes all turn soggy beneath umbrella of wealth ..

….as wealth covers human heads with dignity….

“trust – love – relations.”.. all come under sword of slaughter –

to maintain money n wealth !

emotions are mere cheaters that drag naive – innocents in cart of relations…that becomes the journey of life…¬†for unknown fools…

wealth ties up with poverty for selfish intentions usually…poverty ties up with wealth for upgrading life …it usually remains in “imbalanced mode” ….

see each n every human relations…that sprout with emotional dews …later turn acidic … for wealth !

imbalanced sharing usual cause of wealth n money battles !

…..when one dies nobody joins you there …you can be escorted till cemetry only if you have wealth n money orbit around..otherwise who knows…..?

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